My Project "Round the world 2017"

Does it look like that in your home, too???

... or this way ... ?

... or maybe like this ???

..... well, then I am relieved ...  ;)

.... in my home it looked like this for years and the collection is much bigger than on the pictures.


... every one of us with the travel bug will probably have a collection like this, visits presentations, goes to travel meetings, buys DVDs and is dreaming about the next trip. Right? But dreams are a strange thing.

Every one of us has dreams and wishes. Maybe a Porsche, a new RV or a boat. Another wants to have a nice house with a garden, a partner and lots of kids. Others maybe want to travel, see and experience a lot of different things. 

I guess every one of you will understand what I mean. 


But there is a big difference between wishes/dreams and goals. Everyone has tons of dreams and most of them will stay unfullfilled. Thats ok ! Goals on he other hand are more straight forward. We set a date, evaluate the possibilities, risks and challenges. And if we decide to go for it, we do everything that is necessary to make it true.

Only few dreams become a goal.


Some of you, the ones who know me better, know that I love travelling, worked internationally, love to get to know foreign cultures and languages ... and have a weak spot for motorbikes ;) My goal is it, to combine all this.


2009 I took 6 months to travel one around Europe with a motorbike. My project "Europe Clockwise" was a wonderful trip. I covered Eastern Europe, Turkey, Southern Europe, up then to the North Kapp and back home through the Baltic's. A trip of a lifetime. Absolutely. 

When I arrived home I had a huge grin on my face and said: "To be continued" This is not the end ...


So my plan evolved to start a "Round the World Trip". Towards the East, through South East Asia and then on the Northern and Southern Continent.


This is the plan. In the Blog section you will see, what I really do :)