My Dress Layer

I guess this is not even an english term but for me it just fits.


We are travelling for days, weeks or even years, always on our trusty horse, day in day out, .... towards the horizon, always on the move ... Really????


I travel not just to sit n my bike every day, but I want to go to places, meet people, see interesting things, do stuff. And therefore I do not wear my bike gear. I use usual clothes. My Dress Layer. 

Just the usual stuff that does not have to be mentioned. 

- T-Shirts

- Polo shirts

- Dress shirts

- Shorts

- Pants

- Jeans

- Shoes

-  ...  you name it

I am the guy who wants to dress for the event. If we go hunting I wear a different outfit as if I go on a wedding or the beach. So Like to cary some clothes with me that are not used on the bike. 


Going out one night with a new friend, exploring the city, go on a hike, or just tubing in Asia :) All of these activieties could demand a different dresscode. But we are travelling with a bike and the big suitcase with my three piece suites does not fit ... or does it????

Let´s stay serious. The Dress Layer consists of usual clothes you can use on the bike, if you do not want to wear just your Base Layer under the Protective Layer. But you can use it when you make a break or in the evenings.


My Dress layer is focussed on good fabrics that can be cleaned easily and do not wrinkle a lot. 

One of the best fabrics I now for that is the Fjällräven G1000 fabric. A waxed 65% Cotton 35% Polyester fabric. It is very cleaning friendly, dries very quick and you can take care of it very easy. 


- Marmot light rain jacket

- Wolfskin Blizzard Softshell


- Fjällräven Pants Karl

- Fjällräven Pants High Coast

- Shorts


- Fjällräven Shirt Greenland

- Polo Shirts 

- Dress Shirts


- Swim suit


- Flip flops

- Salomon Sneakers

- Chucks


- Underwear

- Socks


I know, lots of long distance travellers travel with far less, this is everyones choice to make. I travel slowly and have a lot of breaks. I want to enjoy my appearance at least a little and show respect to the people I meet.