What kind of bike do you use ?

Unfortunately mine does not look that cool ;)


This here is a bike from a very good special exposition about travel motorbikes at the NSU Museum Neckarsulm/Germany. 

The decision which bike to take was not very hard to take. It has to have certain qualities that are very important for me. And if I take them all into consideration, there are not many bikes left.


This is what I wanted:

- over 50 bhp

- 2 cylinders or more

- a big fuel tank or at least the option to buy one for this model

- carburators, no EFI

- 21" front wheel

- only very little electronics

- high and off-roadworthy suspensions

- a high reliability

- a Japanese bike




 And this was the result of my research. The 750 Honda Africa Twin RD07A. I must admit that i always had this bike in mind, but when Honda still built them, I could not afford it. 


The bike I bought was in a wonderful condition, even better than new because the last owner made some good modifications. As you see the optics were perfect, not a scratch. To be honest I should have put it in a museum....


But no: i wanted to build my ultimate travel bike! 


This was the result after almost all modifications were done. 

Please don´t worry, I took of the complete fairing, wrapped it and stored it in my garage. All the plastics on the bike are scratched and beaten up parts of ebay. 


Than I started to make my own modifications on the bike:



- stainless steel brake lines

- LED auxiliary lights 

- a real horn

- additional tool box

- HH Racetech fully adjustable suspensions

- heated grips

- hazard lights

- 4 USB sockets

- 1 12V socket

- external fuse box for all auxiliary electrics

- Garmin Navigation

- wide foot pegs

- 43 l (11 gal) Polyamid fueltank

- external fuel filter 

- Iridium spark plugs

- a wider side stand base

- center stand

- modified saddle 

- stearing riser 

- crash bars

- hand protectors

- all Bowden cables doubled

- reinforced chain

- gear reduction

- ....